3D Fiber Lash Mascara vs Regular Mascara

Article written by our dear friend Sally Morgan. (She insisted very much in teach you girls the main difference between 3d fiber lash mascara and regular mascara!)

I am sure that you’ve heard of the long luscious lashes that 3D fiber lash mascara can give you (the before and after pictures are littered all over the internet, from facebook to blogs) but is it REALLY worth your money and more importantly, your time and effort?

Before we get into more details here’s a quick tutorial for you wonderful girls and women who are reading this article right now:

Well, it turns out that it really IS a lot of effort to get those effortless-looking lashes to bat away the haters of your life. The product comes with two tubes for application. One is a transplanting gel that you apply first, to really get your eyelashes sticky for the next tube, which is a tube of fibers. These fibers adhere to the gel making your lashes appear longer, lusher and fuller. After these first two things go on to your lashes, you then put yet another layer of the transplant gel on top of the fibers; to sort of seal them on.

There are many reports of ladies who put on regular mascara before any of this, as sort of a base layer, but it seems up in the air as if it helps or not (Really, it’s your life here, live it with as much product on your eyes as you’d like. If you try it and it works, then it obviously works). In theory, the lashes are long and long-lasting but in reality without the most pristine and artful application they look fake, clump up badly, and worse, they can rub off. You have to be careful around your eyes (so, you can’t actually bat away thine enemies) and you have to check your make-up often throughout the day.

3d fiber lash mascara vs regular mascara

3d fiber lash mascara vs regular mascara

This product has not been FDA approved and they suggest that you only wear it on special occasions, which raises my eyebrow a little. Practically no one is going to spend that much money on an eye product and save it for special occasions. The lower and middle class can not afford to save such things for events that are few and far between; it’s unrealistic. Plus there have been reports of eye infections due to the fibers falling into the eye and I am having some trouble find out what exactly the fibers are made of.

Regular Mascara, on the other hand, is an easy process to apply with only one tube. It is far less in price and most have been FDA approved. While it will not make your eyelashes look fuller and have people going “WOW! Look at those lashes”, it will also not be as harmful for your eye health (where’s the long term study on this stuff? What are the fibers made of? Am I the only one who cares about the stuff I put on my body, much less in?) nor will keep you in your bathroom for more moments and it also won’t call attention to when you don’t wear it (because we’ve all been that girl who feels fine and doesn’t wear make-up for one day and everyone asks if we are sick).

However, I’d like to think that we should all start moving toward not coating our natural selves in paints and learn to love the beings that we already are. I mean, some of the advertisements of these products are just trying to sell us as sexual objects. “Whether you’re feeling sexy, sultry, classy or shy, this revolutionary lash….” NO! No. Please just stop. I don’t have to make my face into something that it is not to be sexy, and if you are a shy person why in the world would you want to be clumped into the categories of “sexy”, “sultry” or “classy.” Whatever classy even means; let’s be honest, do we really need another product to make us feel an extreme of beautiful when it’s on or ugly when it’s off?

The bottom line: If I had to pick one? I’d go with regular mascara but ultimately, I don’t need it. I am beautiful the way I am and You sure as hell are too.